Saturday, April 8, 2017

major 'tude

I have had the WORST attitude today. It started by being woke up by a whining child, and subsequently being snippy with everyone who managed to get in my path today. There was no one who was safe from my wrath.

The kids weren't especially bad today. Besides a couple legitimate times when discipline was needed, they were great. But it was a long day after a long week (and my sweet, sweet husband has been stuck at the office for the past 10 hours today and counting). There was a park birthday party on the windiest day on earth that was supposed to be 2 hours but we left after 3, where Tallulah fell and busted her lip and bloodied her nose. I shampooed carpets and (unsuccessfully) tried to get the house in order before her birthday party tomorrow, and after ordering my dirt-covered children to the bathtub found that the ball handle on the bath tub was broken.


I'm not sure what's the worse feeling- being in a bad mood OR knowing that you're acting like a fool because of your bad mood and getting even more upset by it. So I got the boys showered and in bed, and apologized for being frustrated with them today, because I knew it was frustrating for them as well.

And now I'm listening to Harry Potter on Audible from their bedroom while trying to tackle the broken bathtub handle, and I am so thankful for tomorrows, for the fresh start we get every single day. .