Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Babysitter

We've all watched the insanely adorable videos on social media that show shenanigans of what happens when Dad babysits the kids.

Y'all. It pisses me off to no end. The videos are cute, but they're wrong. Dads don't babysit their own kids. Dads parent their children. They spend time with their children. They play with their children. Equating them to a job that a high school girl does on the weekends devalues their role as a parent.

Ryan is an excellent parent. He cares for two step-sons and a daughter, without instruction from me regarding their care. He speaks to them like their equals while still maintaining authority over them. He takes interest in their hobbies and activities, and introduces them to new things. He makes sure that they make cards for me- Valentine's, Mother's Day, my birthday. He plays board games. He helps them with homework. He shoos me out of the house, and then does the daily routine with them (that we normally share). He takes them to the doctor, cleans up after sick kids, and wakes up early on the weekends with them. He cooks them meals, puts bandaids on scrapes, and folds their laundry.

Ryan is a Dad. He's not the babysitter. And I have so much to learn from him.

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Kim J said...

You are so lucky to find someone that parents your boys as if they were his own. So nice to have a co-parent and not just a husband and a step dad. Speaking from experience you are on a great path and I'm so happy (and a little bit jealous) of your relationship and his relationship with your boys. He's a keeper! <3