Thursday, March 30, 2017

boxes and stuff

We recently moved from a great house that backed up to the boys' school to another great house that is just a couple miles away from their school. We lucked into both houses (one being owned by a dear friend and the other just sort of fell into our laps). We have a little more space to stretch out, and it'll be a good fit for our family for a while. It's pretty and recently remodeled. It's in a quiet neighborhood, full of families, and the boys' love that they get more freedom of where they can play.

But you guys. I can't deal with anymore boxes. There are boxes stacked up in the den, the playroom, our bedroom, and don't get me started on the garage. Everything is about cleared out from the other house, save from a few things I need to grab today and some trash gathering. We started packing up our house in the beginning of March, with boxes lining the walls in preparation of the move.

We have so, so much stuff. We have so much stuff AFTER donating ten plus garbage bags of clothes. We have so much stuff after tossing, donating, or selling toys and household items. We have two (or is it three?) boxes filled with "junk drawer" stuff...and we don't have a junk drawer at the new space. We have boxes full of things I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW WE STILL OWNED, that had been shoved into a box during one move or another.

There's approximately 470 things to do to be done...and just a week and half before Tallulah's birthday party at our house.

So don't mind me. I'll just be over here huddled in a heap on the couch ignoring it all so it can just go away.

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