Thursday, April 23, 2015

the one where Tallulah arrives

We arrived at the hospital for our scheduled induction on Sunday, April 12th around 8:45pm. After getting checked in and settled, we managed to get a little bit of sleep after taking some meds to get it all started. 

Sometime at an ungodly hour they started pitocin, and the contractions started to pick up slightly. Our OB came in around 6am and broke my water, and the contractions began to actually be uncomfortable to slightly painful at that point. 

And then we just sort of sat there and waited. 

I had made the decision pretty quickly after finding out that we were having a baby that I wanted to try to do it without any sort of pain relief. I knew that this would be my last pregnancy and delivery, and I just wanted to experience it all. 

When the contractions began to get more intense, I wasn't really prepared on how to distract myself from the pain. 

So I sang.

I belted out off-key versions of the Golden Girls theme song, Achy Breaky Heart, and Lean on Me during each contraction. 

Until I hit that moment where shit got real, and instead of singing I found myself clawing at Ryan's neck. There was a point where I just looked at him and told him that I had made a huge mistake because there was no way I could do this.

Ryan just comforted me, telling me that I was doing such a good job and that I could do it. He was incredible and such a positive person; I'm so lucky to do life with him.

The doctor arrived soon after, and ten minutes of pushing later, Tallulah was here on April 13th at 10:06am.

And it's been pretty fantastic since then. It's been the easiest recovery, and she is just the sweetest thing. Ryan has fully embraced the new craziness, and the boys love her an awful lot. 

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