Monday, November 11, 2013

the one where dating confuses me

A friend who is also going through a divorce sent that to me this weekend. After being in a relationship for so long, rejoining the dating world seems like this foreign land. Dating isn't what is was 6 years ago. 

And it sucks. Did you see that? DATING SUCKS.

Don't get me wrong. I've been having a great time meeting new people, re-building my self-confidence, and finding myself again. I've learned how to set boundaries; I'm learning how to show discernment. It's no longer about how someone treats me, but it's now about how they treat me and how they'd treat my sons. Over-eager to meet my kids? Nope. Total lack of caring about my kids? Nope.

I'm a single mom with very limited free time. Making plans with me sucks, I know. But I get really upset when plans fall through, because I had looked forward to them for several days, and probably turned down other offers to do so. It's so incredibly lame that I get upset or cry about something like that because I'm not 16 anymore BUT OMG IT SUCKS AND ALL I WANT TO DO IS PLAY ALANIS MORISSETTE ON REPEAT AND EAT COOKIE DOUGH.

I wish it was straight forward. Simple. Like Aziz said- you meet someone, you like them, and then you pursue it. No games. No scheduling headaches. No worries because it's clear cut and easy.

I'm enjoying where I'm at right now, though. It's probably the most confused I've been in dating career, and that's okay. While it's frustrating at times to the point where I cry, as long as I can still be myself and be accepted, then I'm okay. 

Even if it does sort of suck.

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Holly said...

games are stupid. authenticity is where it's at. don't be in a hurry.