Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Game.

I was really wishy washy about when I wanted to start dating again. There were a lot of reasons...What would people think? Was I ready? How could I meet people to even think about dating?

And I slowly began to answer those questions. I am focusing on what's right for me, so I don't care what people think. And yes, I'm beyond ready. The tricky part was how to meet people. I work so much, and then pick up the boys and go home. Even on the nights John would have the boys, my friends are almost only comprised of married moms. Not really the best resource of single men.

So I signed up for

I know. Trust me, I know.

I've actually been on several dates with people I've met on there, and it's been a lot of fun for the most part! We've always met at whatever coffee shop/restaurant/theater and I'm safe and sound. I make sure to tell someone the persons full name (and I show them their picture) prior to going out as a safety fall-back.

The first date I ever had I was so, so nervous about. I'm pretty sure I came across as completely crazy. And I'm pretty positive it wasn't a love match. But I gained experience (and actually a friend) out of it. I've had a date where I'm actually interested in him; so I'm excited to see what, if anything, comes from that.

And I've had bad dates. Dates who weren't what they stated physically (saying you're 5'8" and actually being closer to 5'6") or who were totally concerned about things like money and how to make more of it. And making sun of my haircut and fingernail polish, too!

The bad dates are just as important to have as the good ones. Dating is about making connections, having experiences, and just putting yourself out there. Will I find the love of my life on

I have no clue. But it's just as possible as meeting them at the grocery store.

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Jack said...

Sounds like you are on a good path. Stay true to you and it will all work out. If you can't be authentic with someone, then what's the point? Oh, and have fun!