Sunday, June 30, 2013


Today my four year old made me cry.

It's not that he said anything to hurt my feelings. He didn't physically wound me. He was just being four.

This weekend was a marker of several things. From our wedding anniversary on Friday to marking the end of week 1 of truly being a single parent...I finally hit my wall this afternoon.

Jonas was being non-complainant again, sending me over the edge. The boys have been needy and especially obnoxious all weekend. Everything has been a battle, and a standoff over going to the restroom before nap time just made me crack.

I had hoped for a weekend without the kids since I knew it was probably going to be emotionally draining. Because that couldn't happen, I decided to try to fill every minute doing something so I wouldn't have time to feel.

I'm such a smart girl sometimes.

So that leaves me on Sunday afternoon, crying after apologizing to Jonas for going off on him, and feeling every single emotion that I had suppressed.

It feels good to feel something. And with like everything else the past few months, it's been another lesson to be kind to myself, to treat myself with love and grace.

And to invest in waterproof mascara.

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Vanessa said...

There is a time for being a superhero and there is a time for falling apart.

And both of them are good things.