Friday, January 18, 2013

the other one.

Jonas is a special kid. His personality, mannerisms, everything sort of mimics me. He's incredibly stubborn, and not always compliant. But he's smart, super funny, and a cutie.

As stubborn as he is, I can remember having to remove him from a public place once because of his behavior. Later that night he threw up a lot and ran a good fever, so I can see why he was upset!

And then there's Noah. Little Noah. The other one. He's sweet; he will cuddle for a bit and give kisses. He will sit and read a book with you. He'll offer bites of his food. But I've had to leave places a couple of times now because of his behavior. Like screaming at the top of his lungs while arching his back and turning his head completely around. Twice.

And so I write this from inside the truck with an incredibly angry 18 month old while the other members of our small family purchase our groceries.


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