Friday, January 18, 2013

the other one.

Jonas is a special kid. His personality, mannerisms, everything sort of mimics me. He's incredibly stubborn, and not always compliant. But he's smart, super funny, and a cutie.

As stubborn as he is, I can remember having to remove him from a public place once because of his behavior. Later that night he threw up a lot and ran a good fever, so I can see why he was upset!

And then there's Noah. Little Noah. The other one. He's sweet; he will cuddle for a bit and give kisses. He will sit and read a book with you. He'll offer bites of his food. But I've had to leave places a couple of times now because of his behavior. Like screaming at the top of his lungs while arching his back and turning his head completely around. Twice.

And so I write this from inside the truck with an incredibly angry 18 month old while the other members of our small family purchase our groceries.


Sunday, January 6, 2013


After a self-imposed hiatus, I'm ready to blog again.

2012 was a big year for our family. From new job roles to news about our was a heavy year.

Jonas turned three in May, and started attending a pre-school program two days a week in September. I am constantly amazed by him. He's such a smart, funny little kid. His vocabulary grows by the minute. He is fascinated by superheroes, namely IronMan and SpiderMan. Don't ask his opinion on Captain America; you may not like his answer. He has become kinder to Noah, although sharing toys isn't always a victory.

Noah turned one in July. He's a bit of a momma's boy, and gets upset if I leave the room. I guess I'm biased, but he's a little smarty, too! He can say most of his larger physical features, and can point to many more. His vocabulary is growing, and can say over 30 words (when his paci isn't in his mouth). He can follow simple commands, and will identify various family members by name or pointing.

In February, I accepted a new role in the office I has been in for over a year. I was in that position from March until October. In November, I accepted and began another position within the company, changing clinics, responsibilities, and my sanity. It's been a difficult transition in ways; I think that any time you have a huge shift in responsibility, there are growing pains. And I've felt (and am feeling) every pinch and stretch of that.

John had a productive year, also changing roles. After a lot of hard work, he graduated from OCS, and is now a 2nd Lt in the National Guard. Which is my lead in for our future.

2013 (and more so 2014) is going to be hard. John will leave in the coming weeks for 3 months of military training on the east coast. And in December of 2013, he is currently scheduled to deploy to the Horn of Africa for a year.

Most of the time I'm okay when discussing it, feigning a smile or nod. And then there are the times it hits me, and I'm gasping for air because my heart hurts just that much.

And that's it, in a nutshell. I'm glad to be back, to use this as an outlet for creativity, to laugh, to cry or yell.

Oh, and we got a cat.