Sunday, January 1, 2012


one of the newer things that jonas likes to do is to pretend that he is a superhero. he’ll grab a towel or blanket, wrap it around his neck, and run through the house proclaiming SUPER JONAS TO THE RESCUE! with his little fist clenched, leading the way.

it’s sweet and adorable and makes me smile.

while we were at john’s parents’ house for christmas, jonas was doing his usual super routine. except that this time he’d fling himself to the ground, sadly saying “i can’t doooooo it!”. we finally asked what he couldn’t do, and he said,


so john walked over to him, picked him up so that he was parallel to the ground, and helped jonas fly. he was back to the rescue in prime form.


it’s memories like these that make me so excited to raise these two little boys, to watch them grow, to see them experience life every day. it may mean years of walking on tiny lego parts and more hot wheels cars than a toy store, but i can’t wait to see who these boys become.

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arsenalfamily said...

Man, I haven't been to your blog in so long! Ach! Now you are a Mama of TWO! It is so fun to watch little personalities emerge and I love to dream about our relationship in 20 years. I will of course BARELY aged.