Sunday, December 18, 2011

tiny driver

over the past few weeks, jonas has started to become the world’s tiniest backseat driver. from commenting on how fast or slow you’re going to being cautious around other drivers, we’ve heard it all. and don’t get me started on the 10 minutes of WHAT WAS THAT NOISE, MOMMY? after you accidently hit the grated side of the bypass.

but of all of the rules of the road, his favorite has to be traffic lights. a quarter mile from a visible red light will result in STOP, MOMMY, STOP! THE LIGHT IS RED until you actually stop the car. when the light turns green he commands us to GO, MOMMY, GO! jonas will even tell us to SLOOOOOW down when the light turns yellow. he’s steadily becoming more maniacal with this newfound authority, the road rage building as we sit at red lights because COME ON GREEN! WE NEED GREEN!

i know that we joke about it, but i’m actually impressed by his knowledge of things i didn’t realize he was learning. kids grasp on to things, sayings, tidbits throughout the day when you least expect it.

when i was in first grade, our class went on a field trip to the mall to see a vehicle safety exhibit. in my seven year old mind, it was amazing. there were police officers from around the area, different learning stations set up, and vince and larry were even there. i loved every second of it. at one of the learning stations a police officer asked our class if we knew what colors meant what on traffic lights. the answers for the red and green lights were quickly shouted out, but no one was saying what the yellow light meant. after he asked us again what a yellow light meant, i raised my hand and said, “it means to make up your mind!”.

which if you’ve seen me drive, you know is true. this is probably why i failed my driving test the first time. which means it’s just another thing i can blame on my parents. jonas, are you taking notes?

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