Tuesday, October 4, 2011

you’ll have to speak up, i’m hard of hearing

it crept up on me so suddenly that it made me dizzy.

no, really. dizzy and nauseous to the point i was cutting mean eyes at john BECAUSE SO HELP ME IF I’M PREGNANT AGAIN THERE’S GOING TO BE WORDS. dizzy and nauseous like i was in second grade again, riding in sarah applegate’s van to camp noark. you know, the time i puked all over while on the highway while in my brownie uniform and had to ride the rest of the way with my mom and the camping supplies? dizzy and nauseous like that time at the grapefestival, riding the gravitron, the sheer g force pressing your body against the wall (and up. you literally were off the ground).

but it wasn’t ANOTHER SURPRISE BABY, a windy road in the ozarks, or a now-outlawed carnival ride.

it was my eyes.

i walked into the eye doctor, thinking i just needed to update my prescription, get some readers, something like that.

i left $86 poorer and a pair of bifocals on order. with my name on it.

john laughed.

bifocals. really? i mean, dude. i’m still three weeks (ATLEAST) shy of my 27th birthday. I STILL USE THE WORD DUDE. i shouldn’t be waiting after hours at the eye doctor so i can pick up my bifocals.

but then i put them on. and seriously man, things got sharper. crisper. not blurry. i was suddenly not dizzy or nauseous anymore.


and they’re puma, obviously highlighting my physical prowess.

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kathy said...

Same here. I kept saying my vision was all weird, RX must have changed, but no. Needed bifocals. Sucks, but then again, it's nice to read without taking off my glasses or look down at something when in the car without getting dizzy when I look up a second later. I even got bifocal contacts. I don't like them so much though. Maybe I'll get used to them.