Monday, September 5, 2011

the boys


i go back to work starting tomorrow (NOOOOOOOOOOO!), so here are just a few updates on the boys:



-has been stringing together more and more words together (his verbal skills are pretty impressive :) )

-likes to make decisions

-has great imaginative play

-is currently spending his first night sleeping in his toddler bed

-most likely is red-green colorblind

-told his papa yesterday that he had to peepee in the potty…and then did!

-may or may not have to wear size 4t pull-ups and underwear because he’s a little thick in the booty (like his dad. har har.)

-has become more affectionate lately, giving hugs and kisses (and that makes for one happy mommy)




-still sleeping in mommy and daddy’s bed (which will probably change this weekend while john is out of town for drill)

-can take a bottle well, but prefers it directly from the source

-is a bit of a mommy’s boy

-is a lot smaller than jonas was at this point (but well…he was a lot smaller to begin with :) )

-is a little gassy, but usually is okay. he had a HUGE gassy fit yesterday with pretty much non-stop crying for 5.5 hours. that was fun.

-is adored by his big brother (and is usually a large topic of our conversations. “where is baby noah?” “baby noah is crying.” “baby noah wants a french fry.” “baby noah, STOP CRYING!”)

-loves to watch jonas. like, he’ll track that little dude down in a room and just be still watching him.

it’s going to be hard going back to work tomorrow. from adjusting to the new schedule to being away from my boys…i’m just not looking that forward to it. on the other hand, i really love my co-workers and job (and having adults to talk to during the day is going to be a big perk!), so i know it’s going to be just fine!

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