Friday, August 5, 2011

a whole new world in snippets

today jonas patted my (clothed) boob and told his great grandparents that “Baby Noah really likes snacks”.

which, while completely true, i’d prefer not be announced aloud.

john left about an hour ago for his first drill weekend since noah arrived. which means that i’m experiencing being home alone with a almost two and a half year old and a two and a half week old. and a dog. who is odd at best.

so far we have had one mexican stand-off regarding my dinner selection for jonas (in which he won, and is now eating a pb&j sandwich and applesauce.), a gassy tummy baby, and an emergency wash down/strip down after said pb&j sandwich.  oh, and now there’s one naked toddler trying to ride one  unhappy corgi.

i (possibly foolishly) have plans in my head of getting out and about with both boys tomorrow alone. i’m trying to just remain blindly optimistic at this point and would rather you just follow along with that.

netflix may or may not be my hero. not only do they have a larger, better selection of kids’ shows, but it also means i get a much needed respite from gumby.

that  green clay jackhole.  

help. me.

1 comment:

Ness said...

you can do it!!!

Although...I recall nursing an infant with one hand and spanking a toddler with the other....

but look how well they turned out...