Thursday, August 4, 2011


a couple of weeks ago john and i (and our two spawn) were able to spend time with some of our friends.

john went to college with these guys, as well as roomed with them throughout the years in various combinations. that last year for the guys’ undergrad found 5 of them sharing a 4 bedroom house (and 3 lovely girlfriends mixed in). it was honestly a great time to grow and learn more and more about them as individuals, as couples, and as lifelong best friends.

while we were at one of their houses, i couldn’t stop thinking about how lucky we have been to have them in our life. they celebrated with us when we got engaged, stood up with us while we exchanged vows, watched us stumble and succeed as we became parents for the first time with jonas, and now gathered to welcome noah.

and as the guys rolled around in the floor with jonas, excited to see what new things he’d say or do…watching them be so loving and gentle with our sons and the girls held noah, giving him quick kisses, it sort of hit me how incredibly blessed we have been. they love our children as if they are their own, and for that we could never be more grateful.

we are so very excited that both jamie and sarah as well as zach and carole have such sweet blessings on the way. we cannot wait to meet baby girl stallings and baby rose!

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