Thursday, August 25, 2011

lord of the manor.

it started out innocently enough.

whenever jonas would eat something he really liked (like m&m’s), he’d eat them one by one until he got down to the final two. and then he’d pick one up in each hand and shove them as fast as possible into his mouth.

and it wasn’t just with food items that he coveted his ownership. if he had a racecar, he’d rather have two. if there was a golf club in one hand, he’d want another one for the other.

and then it started to get ridiculous.

his memory began to get better and better. a toy that he had been playing with before bedtime the night before was the object of all obsession the following morning. he’d run into one grandparent or another’s house demanding the toys he played with weeks ago.

this morning he insisted that he bring four puppies, one towel, one green train, and one green tow truck downstairs. i tried to rationalize with him, saying that we needed to leave something upstairs.

it’s impossible to rationalize anything with a two-year old, by the way.

so here he sits with one towel, four puppies, one green train, and one green tow truck, looking over his empire like a pleased king.

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