Thursday, August 25, 2011

lord of the manor.

it started out innocently enough.

whenever jonas would eat something he really liked (like m&m’s), he’d eat them one by one until he got down to the final two. and then he’d pick one up in each hand and shove them as fast as possible into his mouth.

and it wasn’t just with food items that he coveted his ownership. if he had a racecar, he’d rather have two. if there was a golf club in one hand, he’d want another one for the other.

and then it started to get ridiculous.

his memory began to get better and better. a toy that he had been playing with before bedtime the night before was the object of all obsession the following morning. he’d run into one grandparent or another’s house demanding the toys he played with weeks ago.

this morning he insisted that he bring four puppies, one towel, one green train, and one green tow truck downstairs. i tried to rationalize with him, saying that we needed to leave something upstairs.

it’s impossible to rationalize anything with a two-year old, by the way.

so here he sits with one towel, four puppies, one green train, and one green tow truck, looking over his empire like a pleased king.

Friday, August 19, 2011


that these two little boys may wind up looking an awful lot a like.


noah at 4 weeks


  jonas at 4 weeks


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

in which i panic

on sundays after church you can usually find us at my grandparents’ house for lunch. it’s sort of a family ritual; we gather, we eat, and we watch jonas exhaust himself completely.

so like every other sunday, jonas, noah and i made our way from church to southeast fayetteville. when we stopped at the intersection of mission and crossover, jonas started to cry from the backseat. apparently one of his racecars somehow made its way down the leg of his shorts—it was hot and it was hurting him. so i put the car in park, and sort of stretched all of the way out there. i fish the car out of his shorts, and all is well.

sort of.

in the process of working my way to the backseat, i managed to lodge my left pinkie toy under the plastic molding that’s in the corner by the door in the car. it was starting to hurt REALLY bad, and while still at the red light, i tried to get it out.

but it was stuck. really stuck. with the light turning green, i put the car back into drive and knew that i had to change lanes and get pulled over asap. the faster that i drove, the more pressure was put on my toe. all i could see were snippets of the news story:




i finally was able to change lanes and pull over (after waiting for a cop to pass me because all i really needed was to be pulled over, too). i threw the car in park, unbuckled, and wedged myself under the steering wheel where i was able to pop my toe free.

it was numb for like 10 minutes, but i’m happy to report that full toe-function has been restored. which is really for the best because i don’t think they give discounts on pedi’s based on how many toes you have.

Friday, August 5, 2011

a whole new world in snippets

today jonas patted my (clothed) boob and told his great grandparents that “Baby Noah really likes snacks”.

which, while completely true, i’d prefer not be announced aloud.

john left about an hour ago for his first drill weekend since noah arrived. which means that i’m experiencing being home alone with a almost two and a half year old and a two and a half week old. and a dog. who is odd at best.

so far we have had one mexican stand-off regarding my dinner selection for jonas (in which he won, and is now eating a pb&j sandwich and applesauce.), a gassy tummy baby, and an emergency wash down/strip down after said pb&j sandwich.  oh, and now there’s one naked toddler trying to ride one  unhappy corgi.

i (possibly foolishly) have plans in my head of getting out and about with both boys tomorrow alone. i’m trying to just remain blindly optimistic at this point and would rather you just follow along with that.

netflix may or may not be my hero. not only do they have a larger, better selection of kids’ shows, but it also means i get a much needed respite from gumby.

that  green clay jackhole.  

help. me.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


a couple of weeks ago john and i (and our two spawn) were able to spend time with some of our friends.

john went to college with these guys, as well as roomed with them throughout the years in various combinations. that last year for the guys’ undergrad found 5 of them sharing a 4 bedroom house (and 3 lovely girlfriends mixed in). it was honestly a great time to grow and learn more and more about them as individuals, as couples, and as lifelong best friends.

while we were at one of their houses, i couldn’t stop thinking about how lucky we have been to have them in our life. they celebrated with us when we got engaged, stood up with us while we exchanged vows, watched us stumble and succeed as we became parents for the first time with jonas, and now gathered to welcome noah.

and as the guys rolled around in the floor with jonas, excited to see what new things he’d say or do…watching them be so loving and gentle with our sons and the girls held noah, giving him quick kisses, it sort of hit me how incredibly blessed we have been. they love our children as if they are their own, and for that we could never be more grateful.

we are so very excited that both jamie and sarah as well as zach and carole have such sweet blessings on the way. we cannot wait to meet baby girl stallings and baby rose!