Tuesday, July 26, 2011


like most parents expecting their second (or third, fourth, etc) child, i was afraid of the transition that jonas would experience. i was afraid of jonas being extremely jealous. i was afraid of him being resentful towards us because of noah.

on sunday afternoon we left jonas with his great-grandparents so that we could head to the hospital. as we pulled away from the house, i could see the confusion and sadness on his face because he wasn’t going with us. and then of course i cried (like, UGLY cried) for a mile or two. john asked me what was wrong, and all i could get out between sobs was “feel so bad… jonas life changing forever… has no clue…”.

john tried to reassure me that it was all going to be okay, and i think he was trying to hold back a giggle.


when jonas first met noah, i was nervous. i was hooked up to all of these iv’s, stuck in a bed, holding a baby that was sure to rock his world. i could just see a huge meltdown, complete with throwing toys and possibly a toddler-sized middle finger being waved around in my face.

i couldn’t have been more wrong.

jonas LOVES noah. actually, Baby Noah. when Baby Noah cries, jonas will let us know that Baby Noah is hungry and that Baby Noah needs some french fries. he will tell Baby Noah that it’s okay, not to cry. he likes to hold Baby Noah’s hand, and loves to watch Baby Noah in his Baby Carseat.

(i think noah may be known as Baby Noah until he’s sixteen).

we’ve been trying to let jonas have free reign over noah, letting him touch him and hold him when he asks. while we watch over him while he’s around noah, he has been nothing but completely sweet.


who knows how long this will last. i hope, and feel deep down inside, that jonas and noah will always be friends. jonas will never remember not having a little brother, and i’m grateful for that. being able to give jonas a sibling is one of the greatest gifts we could, and i’m so excited to see them grow up together.


Ness said...

That's just how Vin was when we brought Charleigh home. I was scared to death, but he just revealed a whole new side of himself. The side that loves babies. And still does. We got in the car tonight after dropping off dinner and I get,

"So Mom, how DO you get pregnant?"

Bekah said...

I am expecting our second son in October, and, like you, Im nervous about the transition! Im glad your big guy is taking on his big brother role with pride!