Saturday, July 9, 2011

so i’ll never forget.


tonight while we were at your grammy and gramp’s house, you began to play with a baby doll there.

it was so sweet to watch you “put the baby to sleep” by laying him down, covering him with a blanket, crouching over him, saying “sweet dreams” and giving him a kiss. you repeated this about 93 times, and it was so gut-wrenchingly cute each time i couldn’t stand it.

after you got tired of that, you picked the baby up and put him on the couch next to your grammy. you asked him if he wanted a blanket…and then you changed the pitch of your voice to answer that yes, yes i do want a blanket (for the baby). you’d go back to your regular voice and tell the baby, “okay! just a minute!” and then cover him up.

jonas, you can be such a sweet little boy when  you want to. i hope that this sweetness continues when noah arrives in just a few short days. it’s such a joy to watch you, and i can’t wait to see who you will be when you become a big brother.



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