Sunday, July 10, 2011

the one where wendy FREAKS OUT.

on saturday morning jonas and i headed to target before going to my cousin’s wedding. i had a short, concise list of items that i really needed to get because I’M HAVING A BABY BY NEXT MONDAY. and like everything else in the pregnancy, i’ve waited until the last possible minute to do anything.

because i’m an awesome mom.

anyway, i pulled into the parking spot nearest the cart corral. i normally have jonas walk next to me in the parking lot, and we get a shopping cart inside. but because there was a cart just right there, i hopped out of the car, threw my purse in the cart, and rolled it behind so it was sort of wedged by the car. i got inside the backseat and unbuckled jonas, which meant we also had a short discussion on why we couldn’t bring ALL OF OUR TOYS WITH US. we get out of the car and i go to set him in the cart…

but it’s done runnedoft.

i’m serious. i’m looking all around, and it’s NOWHERE. i see people entering the store, so i pick up jonas and (literally) run inside. after huffing and puffing, i get it across to the customer service desk that i think that a customer might have thought they were helping me out by grabbing my cart and didn’t see my purse inside. i just wanted to see if we could do a storewide page. she calls for the manager over the walkies, and while they are currently dealing with another matter, they were going to get to me asap to help.

i decide while we are waiting to walk outside again (still carrying jonas). and no cart. like, NONE. so we go back inside. and wait and wait and wait. the target worker tells me that they can see the manager down the aisle, but they are caught up with another matter. i’m getting antsy, so i decide to go outside one last time.

and that’s when i see it. a lone cart approximately 8 miles away, right next to the street entrance.

jonas and i roll out there in our new cart, and i pray. a lot. because i really needed my purse to be there. because you know…besides housing my wallet, favorite perfume, and cell phone, i had ALSO put my car keys in it.

because i’m awesome.

after walking the 8 miles to the cart, i was beyond ecstatic to see that my purse, while REALLY jacked up in the cart, was there. and i would have probably done an awesome 80s teens movie freeze frame jump in the air ala judd nelson, but i’m  nine and a half months pregnant in the middle of july and i still had to walk 8 miles BACK to the store.

but because i know you guys would love it, this is exactly what i was doing in my mind:


and you’re welcome.


gorillabuns said...

man, i freak out when i lose my recyclable bags!

glad all was there and best wishes on the new babe!:)

jordy liz said...

so glad it was there - i was freaking out with you reading this!

best of luck this next week with the baby's arrival.