Thursday, July 21, 2011

noah james, an introduction

we arrived at mercy medical at 5pm on sunday, july 17th to begin the process of a scheduled induction. after speaking with our doctor, it was decided that we really wouldn’t even begin the process until 9pm, so i was given the all-clear to have some dinner.

so with much pleasure i had some sushi. mmm.

about 9 or 9:30pm, the nurse gave me a small portion of a pill to begin the process. while i was apparently having contractions, i wasn’t feeling them. they decided to give me another dose about 2:30am.

around 7am, our doctor arrives to see how i’m progressing. at this point, i hadn’t been checked while in the hospital, so all i knew was that i was a little over 2.5 cm dilated from my office visit the week prior. when the doctor checked me, i was at 5.5 cm. he broke my water and we started pitocin.

i started to actually feel the contractions, and for a while they were manageable. my plan was to last as long as possible without asking for an epidural. they let me know that after asking for one, i’d need to up my fluids for 30 minutes before i could actually get it. knowing that (and knowing that the pain was to the point of being unmanageable for me), i asked for the epidural around 9:30am.

while waiting, the nurse checked me again. i was now around 7cm.

it was apparently a really hopping day to have a baby—i was at least one of 9 laboring. so i had to wait my turn because he was in another room. finally the Drug Man came in and we got the epidural placed (contraction during needle insertion, of course) around 10:35am. the pain of the contractions was cut down considerably, being more of just slightly painful moments of discomfort.

around 11:20am the nurse checked me again. i was at 7.5cm and about 80% effaced.

within minutes, i had a HUGE and unbearable contraction. the pain was extreme and took the breath out of me. i mentioned something about feeling sick, and then immediately started to vomit. the contractions were coming hard and fast, and the nurse had to wait until there was a mini break so that she could check me again.

when she did (about 3-4 minutes after the first huge pain), i was at 10cm and noah was RIGHT THERE.

she called the doctor and told him to get here now. usually she has her patients do a test push, but she was uncomfortable doing that alone because she was afraid the baby would come. she was able to get another nurse in the room, and together they hurriedly set up the room. once finished, they said that we were going to do some test pushes. i did one, and was told to stop and to not push anymore until the doctor arrived.

yeah. i really wanted to push.

they went outside to tell our family members at the end of the hallway to go ahead and make their way down the hall to the waiting area. the doctor arrived and we did three sets of three pushes.

and then we were done.


noah james alexander arrived at 11:53am on monday, july 18th. he weighed in at 7lbs 9oz and was 20inches long. a full pound and almost 2inches smaller than his brother, he’s absolutely beautiful.


and as for us? the three of us are completely in love with the smallest member of our family.

welcome, noah. we are so very glad that you are here.

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Kim J said...

I'm very glad your here too Noah! It's funny, but I already feel like I love you and i haven't even met you. But...I will. :)