Wednesday, July 27, 2011

a big boy day

photo (22)

while john and i are both off, we want to make sure that we spend time celebrating jonas. there are some things that only john can do with him (like swimming and the splash park), but today we decided to go to the gentry wildlife safari.

photo (17)

jonas had a blast looking for the animals as we drove around the grounds, and especially loved the “close encounters”. to be perfectly honest, i couldn’t tell who was more excited about animals approaching the car-john or jonas. all i’m going to say was at one point a certain 6’2” person was practically laying on top of me to try to reach the camel who was at my window.

photo (23)

a tip for those who go through the safari: don’t have trash in your truck bed. or, make sure you’re not behind the truck with trash in the truck bed. because camels really, really enjoy foot long cheese coneys from sonic.

photo (19) camels fighting over a cheese coney.

and yeah, we saw more animals than just zebras, camels, and the scary birds THAT ARE EVERYWHERE.

photo (20)

after the drive-thru portion, we refueled on popcorn and juice in the car, and then headed off to the petting zoo portion. jonas absolutely loved it! he got to pet goats and pigs, and chased after one uninterested sheep. after bathing in hand sanitizer, we headed home for (long) naps.

photo (21)

we know that jonas wont remember these trips, but still feel that its important that he gets to have fun and experience new things during this weird transition from being an only child to having a sibling. we want him to feel special getting to do “big boy things” and having fun with mommy and daddy.

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