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earlier this week you turned TWENTY FIVE MONTHS OLD. do you realize that your daddy and i are only twenty six? or that zeusy is only twenty eight (in dog years)?

slow. it. down.

you are becoming such a smart little boy, jonas. the other day we were staying at grammy and gramps’ house (because our a/c was broken…boo!) and you saw a pair of star shaped sunglasses on the table. you immediately said, “STAR! STAR! STAR GLASSES!!!” and put them on. don’t tell your daddy, but i was secretly hoping you’d break into a little ‘benny and the jets’ or ‘crocodile rock’. how you knew that shape was a star (and you’re just two?!) is beyond me. but i’ll take it.

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you’re pretty particular to modes of transportation. you know (and make sure that WE know) the difference between trucks, cars, ‘cycles, trains, school buses, tractors, racecars, police cars, firetrucks, skateboards, airplanes, and helicopters.


jonas, you used to be such a shy guy. but it seems like you might be breaking out of it some. we went to a baby shower for your little brother, noah, last weekend and you. were. a. ham. i can’t even begin to describe how you acted—from flirting shamelessly via goofy, broken neck strutting to busting out a guitar…you amazed even me.


and i’ve seen you chase zeus around naked, begging him to let you ride him. so that’s saying a lot.


you’re starting to recognize important non-family members in your life as well. from aunt sarah and jamie, to remembering that jeff and sara are the “ice cream” people, to randomly talking about ezmah (possibly the cutest two year old lady ever)…well, i’m really proud that you are getting a bigger scope of who is in your world.


recently you’ve reached the “i do it” and “my turn” phase. it’s really fun for us to watch you try to problem solve when things aren’t quite right. it makes my heart melt when after trying on your own you realize you do need help and ask for it, too.


jonas, every day is something brand new for you. it’s been such a joy seeing things through your eyes for the first time, with such excitement and determination. i can’t even begin to imagine what tomorrow holds for you, because i know…i mean i KNOW that it’s going to be spectacular.

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with all of our love and pride,


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