Friday, June 24, 2011

over achiever.

this morning at around midnight, i woke up to a really sharp pain in my abdomen. because i was a little, oh, you know…asleep, i chalked it up to noah just squishing some vital organ. so i moved around a little and started to drift back to sleep when it happened again.

and again. and again.

because it was literally in the middle of the night and i assumed they were just really, really painful braxton-hicks contractions, i waited until my doctor’s office opened at 8am and made an appointment to go in.

my appointment was a 10:50am, and my mom was able to go with me (which i’m really grateful for since john won’t be home until late saturday night before heading back out for another week sunday night). my doctor decided to go ahead and do my group b strep test as check me (1 cm…woot). he then sent me down the hall for a non-stress test.

after being hooked up for 20 minutes to the table of fun, it was decided that yes, i was having contractions (about 5-7 minutes apart) and while he thought it was just due to irritability, if my pain got significantly worse to go to L&D, not to wait it out. because all i really need is to have this kid while i’m trying to use the bathroom, you know?

and so here i am. at home, at 9pm on friday night, wincing through my contractions as they steadily, irregularly come.

noah. dude. mommy isn’t ready. i know, i know. you’ve heard me say i’m done. well. that was a lie. your nursery isn’t ready. your daddy isn’t home. gimme 2 more weeks, and then we can talk, okay?

freaking over achievers, right?


jordy liz said...

ahh good luck! wishing y'all well. :)

Ness said...

um. Not cool, Noah!