Thursday, June 16, 2011

on father’s day.

i know that many may tout that they have a great father. and i’m sure it’s true…i’m sure that the other fathers in the world out there are truly awesome.

but you may not have met mine.

meet my dad.


my dad may be the single personable person i know. he’s always trying to cut a joke, always trying to make every one comfortable and feel included. a couple of our friends who have been able to spend a little time with my dad always bring how how awesome he is whenever we are all together.

and that makes me just a little proud. because it’s true.



besides general awesomeness, my dad may be the hardest worker i have ever met. he has constantly worked hard to provide for his family, be it his mom while he was growing up, for my mom and me, all the way to making sure that jonas (and soon noah) are ridiculously taken care of. his work ethic is one of the qualities that i admire most about him—while he’s not a workaholic (because he for sure makes time for his family), he works hard to provide an stable and great income for his family, works hard around the house, and is the first to volunteer if something needs to be done.

63903_1455707801809_1506767500_30972037_7365182_n (1)it’s been so much fun to watch him transition from parent to grandparent.

i think he may like it just a little.

and it doesn’t hurt that jonas is his mini-me.

photo (16)

it actual borders on being just a little ridiculous.   


so if you see my dad out and about, say hey! he’s someone that you want to at least meet. and if he’s a fixture in your life?

then you’re almost as lucky as me.


Anonymous said...

And Dale is very fortunate that he is blessed with a lovely little girl named Wendy.

susan said...