Sunday, June 19, 2011

in which i whine.

so yeah. john’s been out of town for a week now (and will be gone for this coming week as well) for army training. it’s sort of like basic/ait except with basic and ait YOU GOT TO COMMUNICATE WITH THEM.

add to the fact that after he’s done with military training he has to turn around and be BACK in little rock for the week after THAT for work training.

and did i mention (again) that i’m 35 weeks pregnant? besides that, i’m also a naturally paranoid person. which means that every random contraction i get i think THIS IS THE ONE. THIS IS WHERE I GO INTO LABOR AND HAVE A BABY WHILE ON THE TOLIET AND JOHN IS SITTING IN A BLACKHAWK.

of course, i’m not in labor, and there’s no signs of a quickly arriving baby. but COME ON. i just want the baby daddy. actually, i just want to sort of look like i did when said baby daddy left, and not to have exploded to even larger proportions then he could have imagined while he was away.

which means that eating that pie in church this morning probably didn’t help anything.

*i must add that i realize that it’s only 3 weeks, and that there are spouses that are out of town/deployed for MONTHS and MONTHS, so this is really trivial. but i’m 35 weeks pregnant and watch too many medical shows and tend to freak myself out.*

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