Friday, June 24, 2011

over achiever.

this morning at around midnight, i woke up to a really sharp pain in my abdomen. because i was a little, oh, you know…asleep, i chalked it up to noah just squishing some vital organ. so i moved around a little and started to drift back to sleep when it happened again.

and again. and again.

because it was literally in the middle of the night and i assumed they were just really, really painful braxton-hicks contractions, i waited until my doctor’s office opened at 8am and made an appointment to go in.

my appointment was a 10:50am, and my mom was able to go with me (which i’m really grateful for since john won’t be home until late saturday night before heading back out for another week sunday night). my doctor decided to go ahead and do my group b strep test as check me (1 cm…woot). he then sent me down the hall for a non-stress test.

after being hooked up for 20 minutes to the table of fun, it was decided that yes, i was having contractions (about 5-7 minutes apart) and while he thought it was just due to irritability, if my pain got significantly worse to go to L&D, not to wait it out. because all i really need is to have this kid while i’m trying to use the bathroom, you know?

and so here i am. at home, at 9pm on friday night, wincing through my contractions as they steadily, irregularly come.

noah. dude. mommy isn’t ready. i know, i know. you’ve heard me say i’m done. well. that was a lie. your nursery isn’t ready. your daddy isn’t home. gimme 2 more weeks, and then we can talk, okay?

freaking over achievers, right?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

in which i whine.

so yeah. john’s been out of town for a week now (and will be gone for this coming week as well) for army training. it’s sort of like basic/ait except with basic and ait YOU GOT TO COMMUNICATE WITH THEM.

add to the fact that after he’s done with military training he has to turn around and be BACK in little rock for the week after THAT for work training.

and did i mention (again) that i’m 35 weeks pregnant? besides that, i’m also a naturally paranoid person. which means that every random contraction i get i think THIS IS THE ONE. THIS IS WHERE I GO INTO LABOR AND HAVE A BABY WHILE ON THE TOLIET AND JOHN IS SITTING IN A BLACKHAWK.

of course, i’m not in labor, and there’s no signs of a quickly arriving baby. but COME ON. i just want the baby daddy. actually, i just want to sort of look like i did when said baby daddy left, and not to have exploded to even larger proportions then he could have imagined while he was away.

which means that eating that pie in church this morning probably didn’t help anything.

*i must add that i realize that it’s only 3 weeks, and that there are spouses that are out of town/deployed for MONTHS and MONTHS, so this is really trivial. but i’m 35 weeks pregnant and watch too many medical shows and tend to freak myself out.*

Thursday, June 16, 2011

on father’s day.

i know that many may tout that they have a great father. and i’m sure it’s true…i’m sure that the other fathers in the world out there are truly awesome.

but you may not have met mine.

meet my dad.


my dad may be the single personable person i know. he’s always trying to cut a joke, always trying to make every one comfortable and feel included. a couple of our friends who have been able to spend a little time with my dad always bring how how awesome he is whenever we are all together.

and that makes me just a little proud. because it’s true.



besides general awesomeness, my dad may be the hardest worker i have ever met. he has constantly worked hard to provide for his family, be it his mom while he was growing up, for my mom and me, all the way to making sure that jonas (and soon noah) are ridiculously taken care of. his work ethic is one of the qualities that i admire most about him—while he’s not a workaholic (because he for sure makes time for his family), he works hard to provide an stable and great income for his family, works hard around the house, and is the first to volunteer if something needs to be done.

63903_1455707801809_1506767500_30972037_7365182_n (1)it’s been so much fun to watch him transition from parent to grandparent.

i think he may like it just a little.

and it doesn’t hurt that jonas is his mini-me.

photo (16)

it actual borders on being just a little ridiculous.   


so if you see my dad out and about, say hey! he’s someone that you want to at least meet. and if he’s a fixture in your life?

then you’re almost as lucky as me.

Monday, June 13, 2011


did anyone local happen to see this today?

basically, a letter containing an unknown white substance was sent to a DHS office in fayetteville, where a mass freak out occurred. the police were called, and 12 of the employees (the ones closest to the contaminated letter) had to do the high power scrub before being released.

and they still don’t know WHAT was actually in the envelope.

this completely brought a flashback.

my junior year of high school was life-changing. september 11th happened. hysteria over every possible threat or danger was WAY over exposed. and then some yahoos started mailing people (some famous, important…and some average joe’s) letters with anthrax in them.

it was pretty awesome.

also at this time i was in some light correspondence with some higher ups in d.c. regarding a possibility of interning as a page. you know. a PAGE. which frankly was a really cool idea to me, and a decent way to spend the summer between my junior and senior year.

one day after arriving home from work, my dad casually mentioned that i had gotten more mail from d.c. while i knew that i actually wouldn’t be participating in the internship program (because um, it was muy spendy) i still loved to pour over each letter. so i made my way to the table, slid my finger under the flap of the envelope, and pulled out the letter, opening it to read.

and then i saw the white powder. it was everywhere. it coated the inside of the letter, it spilled out from the envelope, it dusted the kitchen table. ev.ery.where.

i may or may not have thrown the letter down and said “oh my gawd.”

my mom came in from the living room at some point, and my dad asked what was wrong. all i could manage to stammer was “white powder. in letter. from d.c.” in a loop.

my parents seemed really concerned. like, really concerned.

like suspiciously overly concerned.

after expressing a little teenage angst as they rolled around laughing at my expense, i learned that they basically steamed open my mail, threw some flour in, and resealed it.

and you think i’m weird? this explains SO much, don’t you think?

Saturday, June 11, 2011




earlier this week you turned TWENTY FIVE MONTHS OLD. do you realize that your daddy and i are only twenty six? or that zeusy is only twenty eight (in dog years)?

slow. it. down.

you are becoming such a smart little boy, jonas. the other day we were staying at grammy and gramps’ house (because our a/c was broken…boo!) and you saw a pair of star shaped sunglasses on the table. you immediately said, “STAR! STAR! STAR GLASSES!!!” and put them on. don’t tell your daddy, but i was secretly hoping you’d break into a little ‘benny and the jets’ or ‘crocodile rock’. how you knew that shape was a star (and you’re just two?!) is beyond me. but i’ll take it.

download 897

you’re pretty particular to modes of transportation. you know (and make sure that WE know) the difference between trucks, cars, ‘cycles, trains, school buses, tractors, racecars, police cars, firetrucks, skateboards, airplanes, and helicopters.


jonas, you used to be such a shy guy. but it seems like you might be breaking out of it some. we went to a baby shower for your little brother, noah, last weekend and you. were. a. ham. i can’t even begin to describe how you acted—from flirting shamelessly via goofy, broken neck strutting to busting out a guitar…you amazed even me.


and i’ve seen you chase zeus around naked, begging him to let you ride him. so that’s saying a lot.


you’re starting to recognize important non-family members in your life as well. from aunt sarah and jamie, to remembering that jeff and sara are the “ice cream” people, to randomly talking about ezmah (possibly the cutest two year old lady ever)…well, i’m really proud that you are getting a bigger scope of who is in your world.


recently you’ve reached the “i do it” and “my turn” phase. it’s really fun for us to watch you try to problem solve when things aren’t quite right. it makes my heart melt when after trying on your own you realize you do need help and ask for it, too.


jonas, every day is something brand new for you. it’s been such a joy seeing things through your eyes for the first time, with such excitement and determination. i can’t even begin to imagine what tomorrow holds for you, because i know…i mean i KNOW that it’s going to be spectacular.

photo (15)

with all of our love and pride,