Monday, May 9, 2011


f9038de3d9934f679fcc195077e8b594_7 enjoying a juice box
it’s just past mother’s day…and your second birthday. you are by far the best mother’s day gift i could ever receive (although you walking for the first time LAST mother’s day was pretty spectacular).
you’re seriously one of the funniest kids i know. while you may be shy at first, you quickly warm up when around others and let that little personality through. when you really start going, you get this wild look in your eyes sometimes and you remind me of your Daddy so very much. and that’s a really good thing, because we both happen to think that Daddy is one of the best people out there.
1e38126d2faa4e1dbb19ed26a29b50be_7 giddy up!
you can count to ten and can identify (or rather, use them as an adjective) several colors. you love to sing, and hearing you sing “jesus loves me” just about melts my heart.
anything that can “go fast!” and that has wheels goes straight to your heart. you already ask for the car keys so you can drive. i have a feeling that we’re going to be in a lot of trouble once you hit sixteen and the freedom it brings behind the wheel!
3ff47fc0ef87482ba4de47ab3226cbae_7 let’s go!
every weekend morning you have two requests…to watch gumby and to have some milk. so we crawl up into Mommy and Daddy’s bed, you prop yourself up against a still sleeping Daddy, and we watch the thrilling saga that is gumby and his creepy little friends. whatever. you love it, so that’s good enough for me.
0d8ff4ab1bb04110a04231449222736a_7 laying some sweet harmonies down with grammie
you still play the guitar, harmonica, drum, and sing into the microphone. now that you’ve discovered the joy of hamming it up, you can be found a lot of the time in front of the mirror at home watching your handsome self break it down. 
little boy, we are so so SO proud of you. you’re getting so big and so smart…our hearts can barely keep up with how much we love you. you will always hold a piece of me because you, YOU are the one who made me a Mommy.
3b0255a69db948988bb07a81bcca419f_7 and nothing will ever come between that.
baf69ac6cd774f64af753831d3cefcfa_6 happy birthday, monster.


ness said...

Jonas = FUN

Just like his Momma ;)

Kim J said...

He is such a handsome boy. I can't wait to see him again. You are an awesome Mom! So proud of you Wendy. Bring on Noah!!! :)