Wednesday, May 18, 2011

chuckle now, funny boy.

we’ve been playing with the idea of potty training with jonas. basically that means that we’ve introduced the potty chair to him, he sits on it occasionally, we talk about going potty, etc. the past several weeks he’s actually been telling us (right after the fact) that he’s pooped, which is a great step in the process of being diaper-free.

while we’d love for him to be out of diapers by the time noah arrives in late july, there’s no pressure. if he is, then great! if he’s not, then great! he’ll get there whenever he is ready.

the problem with all of this “bathroom talk” is that he’s decided to take it upon himself to announce to strangers the poo-status.

unfortunately, it’s never been about him pooping.

a week or so ago, i was making some returns at target. he pointed out that the cashier was wearing a red shirt, and i gave him a lot of praise because he’s been doing SOOOOO well pointing out colors correctly. and then he looked at her, eyes opened wide, nodding his head and said, “mommy pooped.”

i’m not sure why i suddenly felt the need to assure the cashier that no, i had not in fact pooped myelf by trying to correct jonas. and his response?

“MOMMY POOPED!!” with even wider eyes and more vigor in his nodding.

i quickly finished up the transaction, realizing that this was a lose-lose situation in that i’m either calling my son a liar or they think I’M LYING because WHY WOULD A TWO YEAR OLD LIE ABOUT POOP?

and for the record, no. i did not poop my pants, thankyouverymuch.

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The Dutch Girl said...

It may take a few years, ten to fifteen, but you'll get him back when he's a teenager. That's why we blog, to remember.

Have a wonderful weekend!