Friday, March 4, 2011

we’re half way there, oooo livin’ on a prayer

so, on saturday i’ll be 20 weeks pregnant. which is sort of blowing my little mind.  it’s like i’m floating between thinking that the New Kid will live in the tum forever and the idea that the thing is FLYING BY.

i’ve been trying to take weekly pictures, but facebook is being all lame and not letting me upload ANYTHING the past couple of weeks. whatever.

here i am at 19.5 weeks. um…before i fixed my hair and makeup.

photo (7)

photo (8)

the other day my grandma asked me how far along i was, and i said 19 weeks. and she sort of gave me an OH MY GOD face and said that i’m a LOT bigger belly-wise at this point than i was with jonas.

which, i think is true.  or something. i can’t really tell.

i can’t wait until wednesday for THE ULTRASOUND to so we can confirm either way, and to get this nursery party started. woot! 

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