Wednesday, March 30, 2011


pregnancy the second time around goes at warp speed. maybe it’s because i’m chasing a very busy almost 23 month old around. maybe it’s because i’m working (what feels like) long hours. or maybe the earth started spinning a little faster. but i CANNOT BELIEVE that i’m almost 24 weeks pregnant with the New Kid.

mind boggling.

like the last time, i get a lot of comments on my impressive girth. what can i say? i’m awesome. in the past weeks:

a little, cute, sweet old lady asked if i was carrying twins after learning i have FOUR MORE months left. i replied, “i think actually there’s five or six in there!”

one of our doc’s told me the baby “wanted to come out”. i told him that i hoped not, because there was still 4 months left. and then he told me that his wife was MAYBE my belly size at 9 months.

random man: hey! you’re supposed to be pregnant, right?

me: i hope so, sir. if not, then this is a nasty joke.

photo (10)(me at 21 weeks)

photo (11) 

i think that you have to joke around with people some because crap, what else are you going to do? be mean? cry? storm off? yeah. not really an option. and i just repeat “i’ve only gained 6 pounds this entire pregnancy.” on loop in my brain and that can’t but help to make me feel better.

i am getting to the point where lifting jonas (and more so, carrying him around) for long periods of time sort of kills my back. he’s a dense little dude, and while 32 pounds isn’t that heavy, IT IS THAT HEAVY.

speaking of the devil, jonas is pretty sweet.

photo (12)he’s still really into everything with wheels, his DADDY!!!!, zeus (both real and plushie), trying to ride zeus, wearing shoes (like his daddy’s police boots that he put on by himself), and guitars. seriously. the kid is obsessed with guitars. and now? now he’ll play one of his guitars and bust out in song…usually a remix of twinkle, twinkle little star or one of the yo gabba gabba songs on his electric guitar.

because yes. he has both electric and acoustic guitars.

and now i’m tired and my sudsy bath is slowly just pruning me alive. adios, amigos. and non-amigos. 

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