Wednesday, March 2, 2011


For as long as I can remember, anytime I experience any sort of change in altitude I desperately need to pop my ears. From airplane rides to driving through a particularly hilly region, I find myself forcefully yawning, stretching my jaws as far as part as possible until the pressure is relieved.

And it always is.

Until recently.

The past month or two, it’s been an issue. And it’s not like I’m trekking across mountains or high terrain. No, no. I’ll be just sitting there, driving my car, minding my own business when BOOM!! I can’t hear a damn thing out of my (normally) left ear. The first time it happened I thought I gone deaf. Which is just really awesome. I was able to get my ear popped within a minute or two, and thought no more of it.

Until it kept happening. Now it’s a semi-daily occurrence. And while it’s not really painful, it’s completely annoying to go completely deaf in one ear while trying to talk on the phone, speak with elderly patients, and life in general. The usual methods of swallowing hard, chewing gum, or yawning are no longer quick fixes, taking upwards to 30 minutes to work at all. I’ve spent a little (read: maybe 10 minutes on google) time researching other methods to pop these ears, and the valsalva maneuver keeps rearing it’s head.

And I’d try it. Except the idea of forcibly expelling air out of my ear canals terrifies me much like clowns and porcelain dolls do. It’s not so much the act of doing the maneuver, but the thought that comes flying to the front of my mind that I’m going to literally blow my brains out.

I’ve never claimed rationality as a strong point of mine.

So, if you see me yawning uncontrollably, just smile and nod. And speak up a little, whydontcha?


amber perrodin said...

you're so precious! good luck with this! the old holding your hose and blowing thing always works wonders for me! :)

Stephanie said...

WELL. a chiropractor taught me how to pop my ears... and it is probably scarier than trying to blow air out of your ears, but it works. you grab your earlobe and stretch it down and then yank forcefully out, and you'll hear a loud pop when it works. i used to get ear infections all the time because i couldn't clear my ears and i haven't had one since!
hope your ears stop doing that to you soon :/