Wednesday, March 9, 2011

dos xy

today we had the “big” ultrasound, which no matter how many you have, the chance to see that baby so ALIVE while inside of you sort of makes the world spin on its side.

it’s incredible.

the technician went through the routine measurements, pointing out what unspecified blobs were to us as i oo’d and ahh’d. she could have said there was a banjo in there, and i would have been just as agreeable. it all sort of looks the same. she showed us some defining features, like arms, the mouth, and the fluttering heart, adding more gel to the probe once again.

after she did the basics, she sent the images to the doctor, and he came in and asked the basic terrifying questions like does anyone in either side of the family have some sort of horrible chromosomal defect. and while he says not to worry, and that he asks everyone these same questions all i could think was OMG IS THERE A THIRD ARM GROWING OUT OF ITS HEAD THAT I CAN’T SEE?

he asked if we had any questions for him, and we asked if he was able to confirm the sex of the baby.

and he was.

noah james. he is perfect and beautiful.


and we cannot wait for him to be apart of our family.

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Vivian said...

Congrats on another baby boy! You look stunning, too :) I enjoy your writing, you are hilarious even when you are being totally serious - it's a gift.