Tuesday, January 25, 2011

oh, that kid.

jonas has gone through a total personality explosion lately. while still shy (initially) in public settings and large groups, he’s getting his niche all settled in pretty well in this world.

the other sunday i went to pick him up from the nursery and i was greeted with, “jonas is quite the daredevil. he kept flinging himself face first down the slide and loved it!”.  i wish i could say i was surprised, but i all too well remember hearing the begs of mercy coming from my father as jonas jumped off the ottoman onto the laminate wood flooring again. and again. and again.

this weekend john and i took jonas to one of his favorite places in the world…petco. and it happened to be an extra special day because they had puppies and kittens from some of the local shelters inside for adoption. i decided to let jonas roam free for a little while, watching him run from cage to cage to cage, screaming OH WOW. OH WOW!! PUPPY!!! WOOF!  when he started to go down the aisle with all the creepy crawlies, i had to just stand back a little because, um, that glass is no where thick enough for any sort of comfortable level for me. when a mom and her three elementary aged kids walked down the aisle to see the snakes and spiders and crabs, jonas wasn’t fazed at all. and when he started to actually run after them in the aisles, getting all up in their business so that he could both see what they were all exclaiming over as well as become one of them, i started to get worried. jonas had joined another family, completely ignoring my calls for him to come on back. it took john to go and physically remove him from their family that i saw jonas mouthing something about THESE AREN’T MY PARENTS. SAVE ME.

john and i sort of joke that jonas is essentially just a mini-me looks wise. i swear, look at pictures or old home movies of me around the same age, and it’s uncanny. but jonas has proved that he for sure is his daddy’s with his finesse when it comes to eating. that small, small child can devour an entire plate of food and THEN have dessert. like, a lot of dessert. namely, cake.

jonas has started to develop this absolutely fake chuckle. and every time he does it, i laugh so hard. which in turn makes the fake laugh even more fake. he’ll sit and tell me funny stories while stacking his wooden cars on top of each other, using great bravado and hand gestures with near perfect timing.

i never realized how much fun being known as someone’s mom would be, and i can’t wait to experience it two-told come july. i love who this little child is becoming more and more each day, so much that my heart just bursts.

and i wouldn’t have it any other way.

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