Wednesday, December 1, 2010


writer’s block is a crazy thing.

like, i can type hundreds of words, SEE them on this screen, re-read it, and erase it all. because it’s stinky, stinky poo.

and friends, i don’t know about you, but i am not fond of stinky, stinky poo.

and so i’m here, looking at this annoying blank screen.

lately i’ve been all sinus-y sick and stuff. which is pretty sweet. to be honest, i’d much rather be all icky at home. not because it’s more comfortable at home (even though it is). but more so because that way i can shove a kleenex up each nostril.

john’s a lucky, lucky man.

we recently got hulu plus to replace cable. and to be honest, i’m in love. john and i have been going through all of the seasons of grey’s anatomy, watching several episodes each night.

the obsession has started to cause some personal issues at work, though. like that time i was calling patients to confirm their appointments for the following day, and apparently had called a nursing home. when the front desk there said that mrs. xyz was a resident there, all i could think of was RESIDENT!! AWESOME!! LIKE MIRANDA BAILEY!!

and then i actually said something aloud along those lines, like “can i leave a message for her to return on her break?”.

and then it got really quiet on the phone and i realized that i was cah-razy.

i got a nook as a birthday present from my parents, and i lurve it. i’ve been reading through the sookie stackhouse series (intellectual reading, i know!) with great fervor.

one of the drawbacks is that now whenever i hear certain names, phrases, or see a full moon, all i can think of is vampires and shapeshifters.

and grey’s anatomy.


Michelle Roller said...

What is a nook?

wendy said...

michelle, a nook is an e-reader. it's pretty freaking awesome, if i'm going to be honest! the screen LOOKS like the pages of a book :)