Sunday, December 19, 2010



i’d like to start this letter off with a quasi-apology. i’m sorry it’s late. blame the New Kid. just consider the first of many times that your life gets ruined by your sibling. YOU’RE WELCOME.

67152_1455691801409_1506767500_30971949_319472_n anyway, you are nineteen months old and positively awesome. every month tops the month prior to that, and i’m so excited about that!

i think you might be musically inclined. which is totally awesome seeing that no one (save your uncle j) has any sort of musical ability in this family. the way that you just stand, nodding your head to the beat, as the band at church plays is awesome. you love all instruments, and have a special place in your heart for rap. in fact, your daddy and you have a song now. and i’ve caught you singing along to lady gaga.


you have a new love. and it’s santa. now, santa in the flesh is slightly terrifying. but a commercial or picture of santa is great, and you love to say “ho ho ho” and “anta caws”. we took you to the Fayetteville square last week, and you ran around saying OH WOW OH WOW OH WOW with both hands in the air. once in a while you’d point a grubby little finger in the air and yell LIGHTS!!!


you booked your first gig as a ring bearer this past month, too. um. it may have also been your last time, too. not that you weren’t stellar. because you were. duh. but maybe more so the fact that you made it 3 pews out of the 10 in the chapel. and you carried a toy truck. and i walked behind you carrying the ring pillow. whatevs. the people are crazy if they don’t want you.


one of your new phrases is “i love you”. while you prefer to say it to stuffed dogs and fish, once in a while you’ll squeak it out to us. and lets be honest, you TOTALLY say it to me more, even though your daddy had a few straight “daddy i love you”s after holding you upside down so long you forced it out. 


jonas, we love you so much. you are such a light in our lives, constantly keeping us on our toes and holding our sides laughing at your antics. you’re adorably cute and make friends wherever you go. i can’t wait to see you in your new role as a big brother.



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