Tuesday, December 14, 2010

don’t mind me.

tonight i got stuck in the tub.

before you start thinking that i put on a ton of weight, i need to explain.

so there i was, minding my own business when i saw it. the faucet was dripping. drip. drop. drip. drop. and my big toe, being the curious creature it is, started to toe up around there, chasing the drops. it was all fun and games until my big toe got forceful and sort of, um, lodged itself in the faucet.

suddenly, this popped into my mind:

and realizing that john, who normally is at home at this time, is eating dinner with a friend and jonas, who is a toddler and while strapping lad, was asleep, and zeus is frankly no lassie…well, i decided i was going to die. right there. in the bathtub.

luckily i had a variety of soaps and shaving gels, and within (a terrifying) 5 minutes, my toe was free and i was fleeing the scene.

i’m just thankful i didn’t wind up like laura and rob.

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