Monday, November 8, 2010



today you turned eighteen months old. i hope you enjoy your new found freedoms of voting and buying your own packs of candy cigarettes.


this past month you got celebrate the engagement of some of our favorite people, jeff and sara. and while you livened up, running around meowing at the kitten, i’m going to be honest and let you know that you had sort of an awkward moment. or, you know. seven minutes. of standing there. like a statue. in the grass’ entry. not even budging when a cookie was placed in your pocket. nor a finger in your ear.

and i’m sure that people think that i’m exaggerating the amount of time you stood there, frozen. but jonas? jeff video-taped you.

and it’s amazing.


your favorite book right now is the toys r us christmas catalog. you spend countless minutes each day perched on your chair, thumbing through the pages, licking your finger to get a better grip. you’ll look over a couple of pages until you find something you really fancy, muttering “cycle, wow” under your breath as you rest your chin on your propped arm. 

you’ve learned how to jump and hop in the past few weeks as well. you particularly like to jump when you’re butt naked. and to be honest, it looks more like you’re booty dancing (puny, i know!) than jumping.


jonas, this past weekend you experienced your first heartbreak. we were hustling to get out the door, and i handed you your milk in your seasme street sippy cup. you looked at the table and saw your dirty “dump truck” cup and grabbed it instead. after a few exchanges, me saying no and giving you your milk, and you grabbing the dirty cup, i thought we had it settled. and then you looked at me. the biggest, saddest face appeared. with one silent tear. so we left. dump truck cup cleaned and filled with milk.

mommy and daddy bought a new couch this month and to say that you were excited about the plastic-wrapped couch is an understatement. you RAN to it, yelling OH WOW! OOOOOH WOOOOOOW!!! once it was unwrapped, however, your enthusiasm waned and now you sort of ignore it. whatevs. more room for mommy.


your daddy made SWAT this month and gave us a little “fashion show” of all his neat gear. and baby boy? i think you made your daddy tear up a little when you brought me your police holster so that you could wear it just like daddy.

we love you, jonas. you are so, so smart. you are determined and strong. you’ve got this killer sense of humor and a personality that i envy. you bring so much light into our lives, and we never truly, really knew love until we met you.

60266_10150090206868662_563288661_7121803_6332731_n love and chocolate bunnies,


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