Sunday, October 17, 2010



um, mommy is sorry that this is a few days late. counting has never been my strong point in life. and lets be serious, there’s been a lot going on. forgive me? here, have a cookie.

this past month you have learned so much! you can say (and point out) your major facial features, head, feet, and um, peepee. your vocab has expanded to include choo-choo, meow, big truck, motorcycle, apple, cookie, cracker, ice, thank you…and so much more. because of this recent vocab boom, i’ve been letting you order my drinks at starbucks for me and i swear to you if my LATTE ISN’T AT 140 DEGREES NEXT TIME I’M GOING TO FLIP.


you’re still into cars and trucks, and every day you wake up to talking about 3 different things: choo-choos, daddy, and big trucks.

we play the same game every morning for about 10 minutes where you pretend you are sleeping and i have to wake you up. and when mommy oversleeps and cuts the game short, you STRONGLY VOICE YOUR DISAPPROVAL. and then i point out the choo-choo book and all is well again in your world.


oh, yeah. you can play the harmonica. and surprisingly well. to the point where i sort of maybe suggested to your daddy that we take you up to the fayetteville square on a saturday morning with a hat in front of you and let you play your music. he said no. daddy obviously doesn’t know how much freaking money we’d make. A KILLING, JOHN. A. KILLING.

you’ve recently discovered the humor in walking backwards. because you’re, uh, low to the ground? it looks like you’re moonwalking. AND just this week you’ve perfected this:

not quite as fancy, but for someone under 3 feet tall, it ain’t too shabby.

i’m going to be honest and let you know that it makes me so proud when our friends say that the only real thing that they worry about when it comes to having kids is that their kids wont be as cool as you. i’m talking my heart grows to mammoth proportions and you have to help me lift my head because it’s gotten THAT big.


jonas, you are so much fun to be around. i love that you’re a ham. i love that you meow and meow and meow. i love that you are cautious enough to make me comfortable. i love that you much prefer sitting in the big people chairs than sit in the jonas-sized one. i love that you chomp ice. i love that you are so interested in how everything works. i love watching you interact with babies. i love how have to dip your french fries in ketchup.

i can’t express to you enough how much we love you. the world needs to get ready because kiddo, they’ve never met one like you.



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