Thursday, October 14, 2010

is this thing on?

oh hi. it’s been a while, yes?

a lot has gone on since we’ve last met…like, um…my HUSBAND is home. and it’s magical and delicious and i can’t think of anything i like better than HIM.

but anyway, i’ll get to things of great importance soon (like DUDE, my baby can play the harmonica!) but first, a post. for you. with sprinkles and stuff.


for the past little bit we’ve been without cable.

i know. LAME.

the last time i was cable-less was in 2007 because i was poor and living on one big mac a week. every night at home for about 2 weeks i’d watch the same movie. girl, interrupted.

and if that doesn’t improve your mental health, then i don’t know what will.

after watching it for the 15th time in 13 days, i really started to admire winoa ryder’s hairstyle. the pixie cut looks so good on her and i was really getting stir-crazy with my own hair. i’m not sure how everything played out,  but the next thing i know i’m standing in my bathroom surrounded by a pile of hair looking at a 12 year old boy in the mirror who was wearing my clothes. i’m not even sure what was worse…the fact that i cut my hair with no clue what i was doing (or mirror for the back) or that i cut my hair with no clue what i was doing with craft scissors. you know. THE ONES WITH THE ORANGE HANDLE.



i’m going to go ahead and tell you now that i’ve already trimmed me up some bangs.

the fate of my hair looks grim.

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Stephanie said...

i, too, am a self-hair... destroyer. although... it appears you're a little better at it than me.