Monday, September 6, 2010


when i was 16, i had my first car accident.

it was a few days before christmas and i ventured to fayetteville to get a gift for my dad. because it had snowed A LOT earlier in the week, the parking lot had been plowed. the piles of snow were scattered across the parking lot, and blocked all of the ways that i knew how to get out of the parking lot. because i was a new driver in sort of unfamiliar parking lot, i decided to follow the first car i saw. when the old school jeep i was following stopped suddenly, i rear-ended him. and then he drove away. fast. i’m guessing that he didn’t have insurance or a license OR SOMETHING, but i picked up the pieces to my car, figured my way out of the parking lot and drove to another lot across the street and waited for my parents to come get me. and because i’m wendy, i threw up in the snow a few times too. because it’s what i do.

i’d like to say that was my only teen foray into the accident world, but its not. shortly before my 17th birthday, i had two accidents in literally two days, taking out two other peoples cars.

one was parked.

that year my by birthday cake had a cartoon depiction of me slamming into a car, with HAPPY BIRTHDAY OSAMA BIN WENDY in swirly, red icing.

my parents are jokers if nothing else.

(don’t even get me started on the time i thought i had received a letter from d.c. laced with anthrax).

on wednesday, a day like any other, i had a car accident. i’m not even really sure what happened other than it was 5 o’clock traffic on the main highway in town during the first rain in 40+ days. the cars in front of me stopped suddenly, and i simply didn’t stop fast enough.

i was really okay (and remarkably calm for being me) while waiting for my family and the police officer to arrive. and i didn’t shed one tear. well, that was until it was decided that my car had to be towed away.

it went downhill quickly after.

i cried. and then i cried some more. and then i called john to let him know what happened even though he was in class. and after i left him the most sob-by voicemail ever, i decided that wasn’t probably the best idea, so i sent him texts letting him know what had happened.

so if you happen to see john in the coming weeks, be prepared to listen to my voicemail. its honestly one of the funniest things that he’s heard in a while, and he plays it openly for those around him. and if not, i can reenact it pretty well.

of course, this time without the crunched car.

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