Tuesday, September 7, 2010



you are SIXTEEN MONTHS OLD. which in human years is like 74. or something. mommy’s bad at math.

like any other sixteen-er boy, you are ALL ABOUT CARS. AND TRUCKS. you point at EVERY SINGLE CAR ON THE ROAD and proudly announce it. you like to say “papa truck” when it’s time to play in your papa’s, um, truck. you make EVERYTHING into a car, including books, laptops, shoes, and rawhide bones.

this past weekend we went to okc to see your daddy, aunt carole and uncle zach, and aunt sarah and uncle jamie. throughout the weekend i kept hearing what an awesome little guy you are. and while i did the whole OMG YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU DON’T SEE thing, i have to agree.

you’re a rad little dude.

you can entertain yourself really well. even if that means it’s 3:47am and you make fart noises with your mouth and then laugh. for twenty minutes. while your daddy and i are trying to sleep. 3 feet away.

you’re getting SO big and SO fast that it’s hard to believe. every single day you’ve learned a new word. i also realized how much your brain soaks up everything that we say when you started saying “oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit”.

yeah. when you get sent to the principal’s office for that sort of stuff in kindergarten, let’s just blame your daddy, okay? even if it WAS me that you were repeating? deal?

i’ve said this so many times in the past, but i love watching your mind work. you can for sure tell a difference between when you’re just playing to play, and when you’re playing to understand. you will do the same series of movements with whatever you are trying to learn about until you have mastered whatever you’re trying to do. it makes me so proud that you work so hard, even if it means that my soda bottles can now be unscrewed and you can now work my iphone (and get on facebook ON it).

you went to the fair last week, and you’re favorite animals were the turkeys and the longhorn steer. forget the kittens. the pigs. the bunnies. i guess that just affirms what people say about you. 

you’re a manly baby.

jonas, every day with you is amazing. while you look a lot like me, i can see your daddy in all of your actions. from the way you cover your head with your blanket while you sleep, your grouchiness when i wake you up before you’re ready, your sense of humor, your love of all things furry, and your desire for all things cake…nothing makes me happier than to see your daddy in you.

you’re a lucky boy to have a daddy like yours. i hope you always realize that.

we love you so much. we have been through so much in the past 16 months-it hasn’t always been easy. but we’re together. the three of us. plus zeus. and that means that we can make it through anything.



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