Monday, August 16, 2010

that can’t be good.

last night it was hard for me to go to sleep. my clothes were all laid out, my purse was packed, my teeth were brushed. for today was my first day of work.

okay. so it was really just me and 29 other chicks sitting in a room for orientation for 8 hours. if you haven’t been to an orientation in a while, well…you’re lucky. it’s basically just getting way too much information thrown at you all at once, and they’re just hoping some of the key points stick. it probably didn’t help that i was completely distracted by the girl sitting across the room from me. between her nail clipping, cuticle chewing, and open mouth coughing during the infectious diseases part of the lecture i just couldn’t focus. i mean, that just can’t be good. right?

at lunch we all had to go around and re-introduce ourselves. after hearing “i’m XXXXX and i’ve been a rn for XX years and will be working at XXXXXXX” about 20 times before i had to announce the splendor that is wendy, i quickly realized that i had to think fast on my feet to dazzle the crowd. so i pulled a little “hey, i’m wendy. and i’m SO NOT A NURSE. and i’m going to work at the XXXXXXXXX”.

the masses approved of my humor. bada bing.

there’s a lot of information i’ve got to wade through in regards to benefits, opt in’s or out’s, and gym memberships. after i figure out some of it, i’m going to present it to john to get his final decision.

come on, payday. mama’s missed you. 

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