Friday, August 13, 2010

professor peacock in the study with the candlestick.

i have an affinity for serial killers.

some, like john, find that unsettling.

it’s not that i love what they do, because i obviously don’t support murder. duh. i think it’s the mindset, the patterns, how they select their victims, the years (hell, decades) that they can live seemingly normal lives until something clicks on in their mind and they act again.

i think that i just love a good mystery. i like to figure things out, understand all aspects of a situation. i don’t know why. i bet it’s because i’m an only child. or something.

anyway, i spend a little time each night watching either an old episode of dateline or a 48 hours mystery on my netbook before passing out. sweet dreams to you, too. while the cases that are highlighted in these shows are rarely the work of a serial killer, these criminals have problems. OBVIOUSLY.

i’ve watched a few episodes where the victim leaves a letter or mentions to a neighbor that if i die, SO AND SO DID IT. at first i thought that was sort of stupid. i mean, come on. if you really feel like someone MIGHT murder you and you know why, wouldn’t you try to off them first? or at least NOTIFY the freaking police or something? CARRY A GUN? MOVE? SOMETHING? but no. they always wind up dead. and by who? oh, JUST THE PERSON THEY MENTIONED 2 WEEKS AGO.

after watching these over and over (healthy, i know), i’ve decided that every month or so, i’m going to tell someone who would be my killer if i wind up dead. so far, i only have a couple on my list.

don’t be alarmed. i don’t really think anyone is out to get me. my list is basically comprised of people that have angered me in a great capacity. so if i wind up dead, it was TOTALLY ANGELINA JOLIE. YUP. IT WAS HER.

team jennifer, all the way.


vivian said...

I never knew how much I liked serial killers (as an um... entertainment?) until I met DEXTER! Tell me you have seen it?! Totally knocks the socks off Dateline, imho.

wendy said...

I have watched a few episodes of Dexter and I LOVE it. After John gets home I'm going to see if he'll have a Dexter "movie" night with me!