Saturday, August 7, 2010

on having a son

after we found out we were pregnant in the summer of 2008, john and i just had a vibe that we were having a little girl. i don’t know why we thought that…maybe it was because john was so excited about having a daughter that it just carried us away.

we had our ultrasound on december 22nd. we decided that we would have them put the “answer” in an envelope that we could open on christmas eve together, and then surprise our families with the news on christmas day.

you could have knocked us over with a feather when we found out that IT’S A BOY! but any ideas of our little girl quickly vanished to be replaced with how amazing our little jonas asher was going to be.

and we were right. jonas is a rad little dude. he’s been all boy from minute one, and i have loved it. loved it all, actually. i love hunting for little guys clothes in the ocean of baby girl stuff. i love having bright and bold colors, fun patterns, and trucks VROOMING through our home. i love all of the balls, the sneakers, the blocks. i love it all.


i just forgot the part where little boys are sort of, um, gross. and maybe it’s just a baby/toddler thing in general. but little boys are sort of ick, you know?

like, jonas’s new thing is picking his nose. gross, right? and it’s more of a ZOMG I HAVE AN OPENING ON MY FACE I CAN PUT MY FINGER IN! rather than OOO. BOOGERS sort of thing. but that doesn’t make it any less gag-worthy when he has his second knuckle buried up in his nose.

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