Thursday, August 5, 2010


i’m beginning to think that john and i should get some stock in nerf. because after the past couple of days that jonas has had, i’m going to start taping nerf balls all over his body as a shield.

i’m not the type of mom that gets all teary when her kid falls down. i’m just not. i think that babies from an early age feed off whatever energy you’re putting out there. so if your 4 week old baby wont stop crying and you are getting really angry because you’re frustrated while you’re holding them, i think that your kid senses it and cries more. so when jonas falls down, i try not to make any sort of big deal about it. yeah, i will sweep him up in my arms if it seems like he’s getting a little upset because i want him to know that i’m there for him, that i’m there to comfort and love him always. but if he just bumps his head? i’ll say something like, we’re okay! and smile really big.

but the past couple of days have been real doozies. he fell down the stairs at my parents house. twice. (and by fall down the stairs i mean he fell off like the first step. BUT I WOULDN’T BE SURPRISED IF DOGGY FOUL PLAY WAS INVOLVED.) and he cried a little because, well, HE FELL DOWN THE STAIRS.

and then today in my mom’s classroom he tripped over something and hit his face really hard on the ground. before he started to cry, i knew that it was going to be a bad one because of the pure hollow thud that there was on impact. so i scooped him up and sure enough, he not only cut his inner lip on his lower teeth, but also busted his nose and was bleeding there, too.

i was actually fine with the bloody lip. maybe because this is his second one? but when i saw the first few drops of blood coming from his little baby squishy nose, i lost it. i started tearing up because my baby, my itty bitty little boy is WAY too young to be getting this hurt.

after maybe 2 minutes of crying, he was done. he wanted to play cars, tears still on his chubby cheeks. and while he sat there and played, making convincing VROOMing noises, i began to measure him for his first fully nerf-lined suit.

patent pending, of course.

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ness said...

trust me when I tell you that this tendency does not improve much with age.