Wednesday, August 4, 2010

mr. alexander



there’s a lot of things that i love about john. he has amazing qualities and an awesome personality. but one of the things i really enjoy about my husband is that he is a total fox. 

i mean, obviously i knew he was a good looking fella the first day we met (at my first day of work at express when he asked me what my id number was to give me credit for a credit card someone opened). or the time when i asked him if he was doing some sort of tricep pushup on the cashwrap when he was really just stretching a pulled muscle and then he blushed.

and then a year later when we started hanging out, i knew he was my cup of tea because i kept talking to him. and kept talking. and after a week or so of officially dating, someone at work asked me how he was doing and i told them that i was going to marry that boy.

i knew he was a cutie when he wore a toddler sized tigger costume under a purple suit for work one day (uh…at the kid’s shelter for halloween. not the police department) and i couldn’t stop laughing. or when he insisted on wearing his ghostbuster’s costume when we took jonas “trick or treating” at his first halloween.

i knew he was handsome when i saw him in his suit the day we got married. the fit was perfect. the style was meant for him, down to the gently-loved chucks on his feet.

and now?

now he wears a uniform to work daily. and i swear to you right now, it is the hottest i have ever seen him. (well, except for the tigger costume. ROAR!) maybe it’s the authority that comes with both of his uniforms. or the respect that they command. maybe it’s how meticulous he is in getting ready. or how he has this need to serve, protect, and defend people.

all i know is that it’s incredibly sexy and he’s all mine.

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