Monday, August 2, 2010

journey to the center of the earth

on friday afternoon, i loaded up the car with bags and gear, tossed in a baby and a doggie and we went to oklahoma.

driving with both zeus and jonas in the car solo wasn’t near as bad as i thought it was going to be…and i was really dreading it.  i actually only had to yell at zeus like, twice. once because he tried to come up to the front seat. and the second time because i looked in the rear view mirror to see him straddling jonas trying to steal his snack. ]

we woke up bright and early on saturday morning, and jonas kicked it with aunt carole, uncle zach, and uncle derek while i went to fort sill to get MAH MAN. because it was early in the morning, i decided to forgo showering/getting dressed and to just go in my pajamas. and it was even better when john told me i’d have to GO IN TO SIGN HIM OUT FOR THE WEEKEND. and then i was all hoping it’d just be like, a desk and some dude behind it, in and out. so wrong.

oh, there was a desk and a dude behind it. there was just also every other person who wanted to sign out for the day waiting in line. one friend of john’s tried to chit chat me up but i was way too consumed with the fact that I HAVE ELEPHANTS ON MY PANTS AND USED MY FINGERS TO FRANTICALLY COMB MY HAIR AND DID I EVEN BRUSH MY TEETH?

it was a great weekend of just lounging around and being with friends. and we truly have the best friends you could ask for. these guys, these guys that john met in college…they are like his brothers. we are so blessed that jonas gets to have these people who LOVE him like he was their own in his life. even if some of them like OU. ew.


i mean, they even baby-sat our kid so that we could take a nap together without worrying about what jonas was getting into. and THEN put him down for a nap, too. 

we dropped john back off this morning so that he could get ready for class tonight, and made the long drive back home.

six more weeks until he’s back for good. and i can’t wait.

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