Saturday, August 21, 2010

the curious incident of the jeans in the night-time

friday started out well enough. i fell asleep early on thursday, so i actually felt rested when my alarm clock went off at 5:30a. and then i hit snooze. twice.

so i was actually awake at 5:52a, which i didn’t see as an issue. until i remembered at 6:14a that i really needed to transfer my wet jeans from the washer to the dryer so that i could express my love for JEANS DAY at work.

and everything was fine, because i was busy getting the upper part of my body dressed and looking somewhat presentable. except that my dryer decided to sleep in on friday. which basically means that all of my jeans were still wet. so i waited. and waited. and then waited some more. i was staring so hard at that dryer, WILLING IT TO DRY, FOR THE LOVE OF PETE.

apparently my power of persuasion isn’t what it used to be.

which meant at 6:44a i was sprinting upstairs to figure out what i was going to wear. because when they say casual friday, I DON’T THINK THEY MEANT THIS CASUAL. and that’s when i spotted it. my maternity jeans. you know, the kind with the full panel.

the full navy blue panel. the full navy blue panel that SHINES under your white shirt. the full navy blue panel that SHINES under your white shirt which is only acceptable when you’re pregnant.

(john, you can start breathing again. i’m not pregnant).

that navy blue panel on my VERY maternity jeans meant that i needed to change shirts. so i did. and then i realized because it was 6:51a, i really needed to get my child awake and changed so that we could run out the door.

so i did.

after work, on the way to a girls’ night party, i realized that not only did i not pack any sort of snacks or food for jonas, but i didn’t bring a sippy cup. or milk. because the milk at our house? it had soured overnight. which meant that i need to go to walmart at 5pm on a friday night.

after arriving late but having a blast (and staying up WAY past my bedtime) with the girls, jonas and i came home. i put him to bed, and was just placing the gallon of milk in the fridge when the power went out.

at 11p.

and being unable to find neither a flashlight or lighter for a candle, i helen keller’ed it through a kitchen, a living room, up a staircase, and then into our bedroom. fumbling to plug my phone in so that it’d have enough charge on it so that i could actually report the outage.

at 12:46a the lights came back on.

and so began a new day.

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