Tuesday, July 6, 2010

lord of the fruit flies

do you know what’s awesome?

oh, you don’t? well, let me tell you.

it’s awesome to return after a 4 day trip to a home where fruit flies have invaded due to a bunch of bananas that are past their prime.

i think that jonas may have broken (or hairline fractured) my nose. i thought he was being all sweet and stuff by coming in for a kiss.

instead he knocked the hell out of my nose. it bled. he clapped.

he’s tasted blood. and he’s hungry for more.

zeusy wasn’t de-tufted during his stay at the “breese hilton”, so it was a cool surprise to find that my from my shoulders to the back of my knees where coated in dog hair from his seat in the backseat.

it was even better to discover this 15 minutes after entering walmart.

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